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Though you no doubt take great care when running your business, sometimes things do go wrong. Employees or customers can have accidents and if they do, you can be held accountable. It’s for this reason that Liability Insurance is crucial and at Kimberworth we can make sure your business has the right liability insurance in place.

Liability Insurance can protect your business from variety of common situations where an accident, or grievance could lead to you facing legal action. Even if the claims against you are minor, or false, defending against them can be costly. Liability Insurance helps protect your businesses by covering these costs so you can respond to any claims against you with confidence.

There are three main types of Liability Insurance – employers’ liability, public liability and product liability – though others such as landlords’ liability and directors & officers’ liability do also exist. The exact level and range of liability cover required ranges from businesses to business, although employers’ liability is a legal requirement for most. By talking to the team at Kimberworth, we can determine exactly which liability covers your business needs, and help make sure you get the right protection at the right price.

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